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01 January 2025 @ 03:16 am
This is a little doll. At least it resembles a doll. It is essentially a few sticks lashed together, covered with rough linen and stuffed with straw. The linen has been dyed blue, but poorly with patches of the yellow-brown linen color showing through. A thatch of straw poking out of the doll's head has also been dyed blue, but the plant material has soaked it up making it much darker than the linen so that it actually resembles hair. There are two small seeds sewn onto the doll's face and two small sharp white bones poke out of the linen where the mouth might be expected to be. The entire left side of the doll is slightly charred. The small object looks like it has been through some rough times beyond the haphazard moment of its creation.

This is Chanua's doll. She tells it everything.

((To learn more about Chanua, here's her wiki page.))
26 May 2007 @ 11:10 am
(A young troll is resting flat on her back on one of the many pallets of the refugee camps of Shattrath's Lower City. She stares up into the sky above Outlands and talks to herself.)

[Troll]So this is Shattplace? I still don't really know where it is. Magicks are... magic, no? And I think I'll be using the hearthrock to get back. So many things to do in Orgrimmar.

Those were crazy stories, Turtle. Pretty good and fun. Skelemons sure seem to think about the dead a lot. I guess that comes from being dead already. I wonder what it's like to be dead...

That Elfymon was strange. I thought he wanted to tell a story, but he didn't really tell one in the end. Sometimes I get the feeling there's a lot going on that I don't know about. I know there's a lot going on that I don't know about.

The Taurn's story was some good. What was her name? Sifu? I don't think I'll ever have a quick tongue, though. I would just say I'd help Lion kill another zhevra. I'll come back again to hear her next one, maybe, Maybe not if it's here in Shattplace. That magicking to get here made me feel kinda dizzy and the sky is funny.

Maybe someday I'll tell a story? I don't know. Papa never really told stories. He said they were silly. Zula sometimes did, though? Can you remember what they were about? Something about wolves I think. Let's try and remember Zula's stories someday. Not now, though. Now I'm sleepy.
19 May 2007 @ 10:37 am
(At the back of a cave somewhere in Loch Modan, a young Troll woman crouches to one side,  watching the gathering crowd just at the mouth of the cave.  If anyone were to notice, she would seem to be muttering to herself, but there is too much commotion for her behavior to call any attention.)

What is dis, Deh'yo?  I follow Mama Trinda here, but dis is so many, so much.

[Troll] And bad elfymons, too.  So many, so many.  I guess they hate dwarfs, too, but I thought they made their city on on a Troll place.  Why are they helping us?  Why does Mama Trinda think it's okay for them to help?  I am confused.  I guess fighting dwarfs is very important, even more important than elfymons' badness.

I recognize this lake.  I only saw it once before, but we must be close to home now.  Should I go home, do you think?  There's so many people in Orgrimmar still want help.  And the little goblin town, too.  I can't just not help them when they asked so nicely. 

Can I?

We're going to squish some dwarfs now.  The big soldiers are going from here, but we're gonna run to their lakeblocker.  Are you ready, Turtle?

(From the top of a snow-covered cliff overlooking the road leading up to Ironforge, the young Troll sits cross-legged watching the battle for a moment, panting somewhat from exertion.  Other Trolls rush about the clifftop behind her, going about their battle-related business without paying her any attention.)

Hoo, Deh'yo!  Dat be mighty fighty.  Tough stuff.

[Troll] Did you see me help that elfymon?  They're so light.  Like snowflakes.  They should melt, maybe, when you touch them.  Some seem like they might.  I helped him, though, and he keep right on fighting.  I wonder if Mama Trinda will think it's okay.  That I helped him.  Maybe she doesn't like me helping elfymons.  I won't tell her.  Well, if she asks I will.  If she thinks it will help.

I don't know why Mama Trinda and Mambo Ujanda want to fight the Big Mountain.  They are big strong, yes, but I think it is too much for me.

I couldn't find Papa in the fight.  I saw Zula.  Did you see her?  She's fat now.  Squished that dwarf but good, though.  Couldn't find Papa even back at the cave.  Maybe he's gone somewhere?


I think I need to go back to Orgrimmar.  Papa will find me if he needs me, I think.  He never left Dim Bwoyar before, but he could, I think, for my help.  Where are you, Papa?

(The Troll shifts where she's sitting as though she has an itch on her back that she knows she can't reach.  She stares out over the fight below a moment longer, as if in momentary uncertainty.  Then with a nod and a grunt, she slipslides down the steep slope and races back into the combat, scanning the battlefield for the fallen or wounded.)

[Orcish] Back to da fight!  For da Frostmane!
10 May 2007 @ 03:24 am
[Troll] I saw the strangest person last night, Turtle.  She had... horns or something.

I was in Ratchet talking to the nice bankergoblin and there was some crazy skelemon having some kinda crazy attack, but, um, I dunno 'bout them skelemons.  They... smell funny.

Anyway, I went to the inn to pick up some juice and there was this funny looking blue person in a dress standing there.  She was speaking Orc even worse than I do.  I laughed.  There were lots of people standing around.  Sounded like one of those froofroo elfymons had got stuck with her for some reason.

Trollmon standing nearby mentioned someplace called Shatt-- Shartt -- I dunno, Shattplace.  You ever heard of Shattplace?  I haven't.  Maybe I just don't talk to enough elfymons.  I don't really want to talk to any elfymons.  Mama Trinda said they were bad, too.  Made their city on a Troll place.  Why would they do that?

Never did figure out what the blue person was.  Maybe I'll see more of them?
08 May 2007 @ 03:26 am
[Troll] I finally met with her, Turtle.  She seems... important.  I dunno.  I wanted to help!

She wasn't really excited about me helping.  I think my not remembering why I'm here was strange for her.  But she said okay anyway.  That's all that matters, right?  I can be real Frostmane again.  Not that I wasn't real Frostmane, but there are not very many Frostmane's in Orgrimmar but me and I'm a Frostmane so I want to be a good Frostmane, like she said on the recruitment poster.  I can be Frostmane, too!

I'm gonna help~  *The young troll woman hums an apparently tuneless little series of notes*

Maybe we'll squish some dwarfs.  You think, Turtle?  Just like Papa.